Mid Year Holiday Trip to Singapore

Oh where to start.. ok here we go..

I’ve gone to Singapore for this mid-year holiday, for 4 nights. With both of my kids, hubby, parents-in-laws, bro&sis-in-laws and their almost 3yrs old boy. So total we have, 6 adults and 3 toddlers (26m, 40m, 35m). Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, toddlers are always be toddlers, 3 toddlers = headache… 😄 yeah right..

Let me cut to the chase.

Here are some pictures 2 hours before our flight at Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3





Terminal 3 is clean and modern, the lounge surprisingly uncomfortable and the food is far from tasty. Nasi goreng keras, hampir mirip beras, roti, yeaah edible, sup jagung bland.. other than that, i dont bother trying..

We took the flight for almost 120mins, the kids are sleeping half way through our flight. So nice, no drama at the plane, hihihi..

After we arrived, due to different schedule, we separate into 2groups, taxi and mrt. SG charge s$5 deposit for their ez-link card, i’m not sure, is it becoz of the special edition SG50years card or that is their rate now. Last time i went there they only charge S$1 for the deposit, or maybe S$2 cant remember.

Then we took MRT to the hotel, check in. Hotel kita di City Hall, Singapore Recreation Club Hotel. Lokasi nya dekat City Hall MRT, very convinient, hotelnya lumayan oke, space gak terlalu kecil, dapet breakfast.

After check in we go to Telok Ayer MRT for dinner at LauPaSat hawker centre. Karena lokasi LauPaSat dekat perkantoran, harga, gak murah banget sperti hawker centre di t



empat lain..

LauPaSat terkenal satay streetnya. Kira kira jam 7malem, satay street nya pada buka, rame dan wangi. Tapi kalo dihitung kurs mending makan sate di Jakarta ya, hahahahaha..

To be continued..

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