First Post

Hello world, it’s me again.. this is definitely not my first blog.. the other blogs never work though..

Why now? Why blog? Why journals?

Here’s why :

1.  Salah satu point dari web ini adalah “keep a journal”. So this will be a new page of my journals.
20 things to do when you’re 30 that will make life better at 50

2. I have my laptop, yes, rarely use them though.. i use my hubby’s 😄
Buat yg pernah kerusakan komputer, laptop, hardisk, mobile phone, or any gadget, kebayang deh simpen memori yg begitu berharga di laptop yg bisa rusak. WordPress gak bs crash?? Mungkin, tp kemungkinannya lebih kecil kan, hehehe..

3. Share with others. This is not my main priority. Main priority is : keeping my memories & photos safely (no.2)

So, here I am, starting my new blog. I have others, quite a few, never update those.
Semoga aja yg wordpress ini rajin yaaa nulisnya, berhubung wordpress gampang upload & posts dibanding fasilitas free blog lainnya.

Cheers ^·^

p.s. : I am not 30 yet, but why wait, start now..

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